Chronos Review

Published on November 17 2016

chronos review

Chronos is atmospheric RPG, which is based exclusively on the virtual device Oculus Rift. If you love RPG's and can not wait to play one in the embrace of virtual reality, you should give a chance to this game.

When I tried to describe this game in just a few words, I would say that it is atmospheric Misung Zelda, Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls. This game combines probably the most popular action RPG titles and relegates them to the virtual reality.

chronos review

The story is about a young hero who wants to save his homeland from evil forces. It contains typical RPG and adventure elements that we can experience even in virtual reality. The game will unfold in a fantasy world where a terrible dragon grabbed one of the cities. You take on the role of the hero and go on a dangerous journey to defeat the invaders and return the former grandeur of your house.

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As expected, at the very beginning you are incompetent soldier who is barely able to cope with the harmless enemy. But after many trials, visiting dangerous caves, ruins and abandoned tombs weak boy turn into this bloodthirsty warrior. If in the beginning you will be running around with a wooden sword and shield, then as it passes you will discover the real suit of armor. In addition to simple monsters, you will meet with the giant bosses that can turn you into a pancake, so sometimes you need to run for your own life.

However, when you gain experience, you can come back with renewed vigor, and punish the offender. Sometimes you have to think ahead, as some monsters can be killed only with the help of complicated mechanisms: pressing down the door, opening the door, putting in a small room, and more The player must be very careful.

chronos review

Game start as a young man, but it can happen to die due to aging. Like most strategy games, and this before you set a challenge - how to save their country from harm. There are different mazes, monsters and effects with which you must fight, and all this is happening in front of your eyes, so you have an amazing feeling as if you are really closed to the endless series of corridors.

chronos review

Here you can understand how much you have strong instincts and how you can survive incredible circumstances. When you look at from another angle - great exercise for the reality in which we live. You will see with your own eyes how your hero becoming an experienced warrior, and his tactics are changing. To help you decide whether is this game right for you, we will offer you some extra information.


  • - Graphics are extremely well done.
  • - Once you clear an area it stays clear, and you can fully concentrate on puzzles.
  • - The story mostly comes in the form of journals and computer terminals you can find and read, which is the much more interesting solutions than the old-fashioned.


  • - If you are experienced gamer, for you, possible, there wouldn't be enough unique characters, and weapons/skills.
  • - Controls can be a little bit confusing.
  • - Fixed positions of the camera 


Great game, isn't it?

Written by Pauline

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